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                About Us

                Contact Us Add: Ao’an Village, Xicheng Street, Huangyan, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
                Mr Sun:13806571061
                Mr Pu:15995294192

                Company Profile

                HuangYan ShengFa Mould Co.,Ltd. located in Molding manufactory center, ZheJiang TaiZhou. It belongs to yangtze river delta economic area, southern wing of Shanghai, north to the NingBo Yu Yao Area, and south to WenZhou. There are direct flights from here to BeiJing, GuangZhou, ShenZheng, and Shanghai.

                Our company is sino-japanese joint venture. We use advanced 2D and 3D software (UG, Pro-E, CATIA, etc.) to create a complete CAD, CAM, CAE system, which truly achieve the integrated processes for reverse molding, molding analysis, and molding design. All those provides strong supports to high quality moulds design and implements.

                It has been long time that our company serves in manufactory and R&D for plastic molding and electronic welding molding. Moreover, we are the only company which can make large electronic welding molds in China. Our company’s products are wildly used all around the world, and we work closely with Japanese and other foreign countries to develop our own management and technology staffs. We also bring in world advanced equipments, technologies, and plastic, electronic welding molds, etc.

                Our main products are Fiber Reinforced Plastics (including PDCPD、FRP and SMC), RIM , etc. They are wildly used for car parts, vessel, aviation, construction machinery, and chemical industry.

                Our purpose is to always satisfy our clients, make first class products with first class quality, and offer first class service. We will continue to improve, be creative, and make higher quality and more effective molding products. We sincerely hope to provide all our customers with satisfied working platform for achieving double win results.